This project began with the Portraits of Peoria, which is part of the Big Picture Initiative. Doug and Eileen Leunig started this organization with the mission of raising awareness surrounding influential people in the Peoria area. Artists create window mural portraits to post around Peoria to commemorate those who made a difference in the community. One of the subjects of these beautiful murals is Dr. Romeo B. Garrett. The purpose of this website is to provide a window into the life and legacy left behind by Dr. Garrett. Students from Bradley University including Carl Crumer, Claire Bittinger, Haley Slagel, Adrian Williams, De’Jah Donahue, Nick Ruskowsky, and Stephen Pritchard created this site during the spring semester of 2022 in a Digital Humanities course. Digital Humanities falls under the history department and makes archives of historical figures come to life on a digital platform. The website came together with each student’s contribution:


Carl- Website Designer

Haley- Researcher

Claire- Writer

Stephen- Photographer

Nick- Digital Programmer

Adrian- Audio Editor

De’Jah- Communication Liaison

Special thanks to the Peoria Public Library Special Collections, Bradley University Special Collections, Dr. Mae Gilliland Wright, and our interviewees: Mayor Rita Ali, Garry Moore, Doug and Eileen Leunig, and Kevin Bradford.