Keep on Keepin' On

“Keep on Keepin’ On” was the mantra that Dr. Romeo B. Garrett lived by. It’s a phrase that means to persevere no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. Dr. Garrett saw his share of obstacles in his life but continued to persevere. He faced adversity head-on with a kind and gentle demeanor. Dr. Garrett was many things: a scholar, an educator, an author, a minister, a World War II veteran, and in many ways, a Trailblazer. 

If you want to learn about his groundbreaking career as the first Black professor at Bradley University, you can visit the Biographical Documents collection and view documents relevant to his time at Bradley University. Or if you would like to hear accounts of his life, you can visit the Interview collection where you can hear more about Garrett from people who knew him; like Rita Ali, the current mayor of Peoria, who was mentored by Garrett. With numerous photographs, documents, and interviews this site will tell you the story of the impressive 90-year life of Peoria’s Gentle Warrior: 

    Dr. Romeo B. Garrett