Photo of Garrett Street Sign and Mural

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Photo of Garrett Street Sign and Mural


This image is of one of the Dr. Romeo B. Garrett street signs on the street dedicated in his honor in Peoria where his final place of living resides. The renaming of the street in his honor was a dedication made by the city that was a very meaningful one, and there are other famous Peorians with streets dedicated to them in the area, such as Richard Pryor, the street that intersects with Dr. Romeo B. Garrett's street in this image. It is important to include real-life imagery of artifacts such as these street signs so that individuals have a better idea of what they look like in the real world. Imagery of the mural in its original location prior to being relocated is included as it showcases how the green in the artwork matches the green in the building directly above the mural.


Stephen Pritchard



Stephen Pritchard, “Photo of Garrett Street Sign and Mural,” Dr. Romeo B. Garrett, accessed May 28, 2024,

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