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Accolades Past and Present

Dr. Romeo B. Garrett was a man of many firsts and talents. This collection houses all the items that display his accolades and special mentions.

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This collection is important and included as part of this website as it helps to document some of the works that Dr. Romeo B. Garrett created…

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Biographic Documents

This is a collection of all the articles that describe Garrett's life and accomplishments. It includes his obituary, a tribute, and a personal profile…

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Philosophy and Teachings

This is a collection involving a few documents that display Romeo B. Garrett's time spent as a teacher and his time spent preaching. This section is…

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Garrett Week

This collection consists of newspaper articles relating to the week that is dedicated to Dr. Romeo B. Garrett annually at Bradley University. These…

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This is a collection of interviews done with members of the Peoria community and one that Dr. Garrett personally contributed to. These interviews were…

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Dr. Romeo B. Garrett's Home

A collection of newspaper articles and imagery related to the struggle Dr. Romeo B. Garrett faced with his house during his life and the fight for his…

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